The Gospel of Luke - Main

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 7-12

  41: Radical Faith

  42: A Heart Like Unto His

  43: How To Respond To Doubt

  44: Jesus, John and the Kingdom of God

  45: True Faith, Real Love

  46: The Parable Of The Sower

  47: Hearing and the Call To Faith

  48: Who Is Jesus and Why Should I Care?

  49: Jesus' Power Over The Enemy

  50: What Faith Can Do

  51: Jesus and Spiritual Economics - A Proper Portfolio

  52: The Feeding of the Multitude

  53: Close Is Not Enough

  54: The Cost of Following Jesus

  55: The Revelation of Christ

  56: Why Don't We Get It? - Part 1

  57: Why Don't We Get It? - Part 2

  58: Rejection in Samaria

  59: The Cost of Discipleship Once More

  60: The Mission Of The Seventy-Two

  61: Lowering God's Standards To Justify Our Own

  62: Getting Our Priorities Straight

  63: Lessons In The School Of Prayer

  64: Blinded By Depravity

  65: Why Don't They Get It?

  66: The Darkened Heart

  67: Majoring On The Minor

  68: Confessing Christ - Part 1

  69: Confessing Christ - Part 2

  70: Hedonism - A Life Wasted

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