The Gospel of Luke - Main

The Gospel of Luke, Chapters 1-6

  1: The Gospel of Luke - Prolegomena

  2: Believing The Unbelievable - Part 1

  3: Believing The Unbelievable - Part 2

  4: A Most Unusual Family Reunion

  5: My Soul Magnifies The Lord

  6: The Birth Of John

  7: Zechariah's Song

  8: Inerrancy - A Test Case

  9: A Saviour Is Born

  10: The Presentation Of Jesus

  11: The Boy Jesus in the Temple

  12: The Eschatological Prophet

  13: What Repentance Entails

  14: Proclaiming the Truth in an Age of Compromise

  15: The Baptism of Jesus

  16: Jesus' Genealogy

  17: The Testing of the Son of God

  18: Jesus' Preaching in Nazareth

  19: Jesus and the Capernaum Demonic

  20: Jesus' Healing Ministry in Capernaum

  21: The Kingdom of God: Part 1

  22: The Kingdom of God: Part 2

  23: The Kingdom of God: Part 3

  24: Catching People

  25: Cleansing the Leper

  26: The Healing of a Paralytic

  27: Controversy: Jesus' Association with Tax Collectors & Sinners

  28: Question About Fasting

  29: Question About Plucking Grain on the Sabbath

  30: Question About Healing on the Sabbath

  31: Twelve Unlikely Heroes

  32: The Sermon on the Plain: An Introduction

  33: The Sermon on the Plain: Four Beatitudes

  34: The Sermon on the Plain: Four Woes

  35: The Sermon on the Plain: Love Your Enemies

  36: The Sermon on the Plain: The Golden Rule

  37: The Sermon on the Plain: Jesus On Judging

  38: Parabolic Teaching On Righteousness

  39: Parabolic Teaching On Spiritual Productivity

40: Parabolic Teaching On Wise Building

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